Best Bioshock Infinite in 2022 [*Top Picks*]

Looking for the best bioshock infinite on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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  • BioShock Infinite - Xbox 360
    Bestseller #1
    BioShock Infinite - Xbox 360 (163)
      BioShock Infinite is not a direct sequel or prequel to previous BioShock games, taking place in an earlier period and different setting, though it features similar gameplay concepts and themes BioShock Infinite is a first person shooter with role-playing game elements Development of open spaces created new gameplay options for the player, such as deciding between long-ranged attacks or finding a means to move in for short-range or melee combat
  • BioShock Infinite Booker Messenger Bag
    Bestseller #1
    BioShock Infinite Booker Messenger Bag (5066)
      Officially licensed Padded laptop pocket Faux leather accents 16"L x 11"W x 3"D
  • BioShock Infinite
    Bestseller #1
    BioShock Infinite (303)
      BioShock® Infinite is a first-person shooter like you’ve never seen. Just ask the judges from E3 2011, where the Irrational Games title won over 85 editorial awards, including the Game Critics Awards’ Best of Show. Set in 1912... Discover Columbia, The city of Columbia was built by the US Government in the late 1800s to serve as a floating world’s fair. The city was sent to travel from continent to continent and show the rest of the world the success of the American experiment Explore the Sky-LinesThe Sky-Lines were initially built as a means for shipping and moving cargo in Columbia, but the city’s youth quickly found a way to use them as a death-defying means of movement. As the struggle between factions in Columbia... Booker DewittYou play Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton detective. Faced with mounting debts, you are forced to take one last job: you must travel to the missing city of Columbia to find a young woman and bring her safely out of the city. ElizabethElizabeth has been imprisoned in Columbia since childhood. All she knows about the world are her rooms and her jailer, a massive creature known as Songbird. Finally freed by Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth finds herself lost in the city and...
  • The Art of BioShock Infinite
    Bestseller #1
  • Bioshock Infinite Greatest Hits - PlayStation 3
    Bestseller #1
    Bioshock Infinite Greatest Hits - PlayStation 3 (351)
      The City in the Sky – Leave the depths of Rapture to soar among the clouds of Columbia. A technological marvel, the flying city is a beautiful and vibrant world that holds a very dark secret. Unlikely Mission – Set in 1912, former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt must rescue a mysterious girl from the sky-city of Columbia or never leave it alive. Whip, Zip, and Kill – Turn the city’s Sky-Lines into weaponized roller coasters as you zip through the flying city and dish out fatal hands-on punishment. Tear Through Time – Open Tears in time and space to shape the battlefield and turn the tide in combat by pulling weapons, turrets, and other resources out of thin air. Vigorous Powers – Throw explosive fireballs, shoot lightning, and release murders of crows as devastatingly powerful Vigors surge through your body to be unleashed against all that oppose you.
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