Virus-Miner How To Discover It And Get Rid Of It

Mining being one of the ways to become a happy owner of a Bitcoin has been heavily discussed lately. Mining of cryptocurrencies as well as cryptocurrency industry as such remains one of the most profitable ones for thousands of people all over the world. However, where comes to profit, do come also people who wish to steal money by defrauding or hacking. That is how hidden mining has started. What is it and how to detect it is discussed below!

Hidden mining shall be understood as a process of cryptocurrency mining by the hackers with the help of a computer of a person who does not know anything about this. So, basically what happens is that through some program or app your device may become a mining one without you obviously being aware of this fact. That is why it is usually called hidden. Sometimes computer hackers can also spy on you and steal login details of social media, online wallets or payment systems.

How Does The Computer Get The Virus

According to experts, there are a few ways to acquire a virus on the PC. Usually, such viruses get onto the computer through one of the following methods:

  • Downloading and launching files from the Internet. Hackers find many ways to distribute their programs and build them into distribution on questionable sites.
  • Direct contact with the infected device. You can also “pick up” “such software using other people’s drives and other devices for storing and transferring information.
  • Unauthorized remote access. Classic remote hacking is also used to infect nowadays.

In order to detect such kind of virus on your PC, you may start from a simple examination of how the computer performs its functions with a common amount of tasks and pages open. It is important that there are no operational failures. One can also check the stability of the system with the help of the computer game and parallel checking of the computer’s figures. Obviously, productivity shall stay the same.

Otherwise, you will have to start an antivirus software to check the computer. This will help you find a virus-miner using a deep scan, but you do not have to expect that it will also help to remove the detected infection. In most cases, this has to be handled manually and it will be necessary to delete the malicious script independently. It should be noted that the system still may have traces of hacker software and the best option is to backup all the data and reinstall the whole operating system.