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   1.  Marks and Spencer Misleading Prices
   2.  Email admin on script install Automatically
   3.  Click Through Rate script
   4.  Version update checker script
   5.  Extract data from HTML to XML, import to Google Sheets
   6.  What’s all this parent child thing about in XML?
   7.  Extract Text Node from parent ignoring duplicates
   8.  Extract and split node by comma and save to new XML file
   9.  Load HTML file from drop-down created from XML file
   10.  Dynamic drop-down from XML (2 drop-downs 1 populates other)
   11.  Extract specific XML data and save into new XML file
   12.  Populate drop-down list from XML
   13.  Help, if you need it and can’t ask for it, write it!
   14.  The CSS Box Model
   15.  Validate URL and Email function using PHP Filters
   16.  Remote Meta Tag and Title Script
   17.  Adding expiry date to database from drop-down list
   18.  Reusable Drop-down with for loop function
   19.  Dynamically load Scripts that are self finding
   20.  Ajax link tracker
   21.  Get Location of Currently Running Script
   22.  Add StyleSheet from Drop Down Menu with jQuery and PHP
   23.  jQuery append, prepend and remove
   24.  Incoming Links Widget (Fixed)
   25.  HP Printer no longer works but Apple thanks for Mavericks FIXED
   26.  Warning: Missing required field name (fn)
   27.  Alert User When Clicking On 3rd Party Link
   28.  Let your users toggle your Adverts with an advert switch!
   29.  Survey Websites and Game playing that pays!
   30.  Suicidal Tanya Didn’t Care!
   31.  LocalStorage Background Colour Changer
   32.  Valid Google Publisher Link and More
   33.  PDO Database Connection Script with Email on Error
   34.  List of Avaiable PDO Drivers for your site
   35.  Tidy Chop In Your Kitchen?
   36.  Spot the Child At Risk
   37.  Creating a Database Driven PHP Click Counter
   38.  Setting up the ALT tag for Gravatar in WordPress
   39.  Automatically Updating Contact List
   40.  Download and Upload Images to your website
   41.  Download images to your website
   42.  Image Proxy Script
   43.  Ajax update innerHTML
   44.  Google visited links not changing colour
   45.  PHP Modulus Operator – mysql database example
   46.  jQuery Add and Remove stylesheets
   47.  Re-design of Banner Bar
   48.  Sort and order php mysql
   49.  Pretest Script for testing MySql and PHP Versions and Status of components before install
   50.  register_globals
   51.  Google Navigation Bar Bug
   52.  Page Creation and Modified Date
   53.  Get file size
   54.  Free Banner Bar Rotator!
   55.  Olympics logo
   56.  Image Preloader
   57.  Accessible Contact Form in PHP
   58.  View your ip address
   59.  Automatically update copyright year
   60.  Float Images Left and Right
   61.  Transparent Image Overlay
   62.  Passing Arguments to a Function
   63.  Get the Page Title Description and Url
   64.  Split String
   65.  Image Swapper
   66.  Hide and Show
   67.  4x Random Image Viewer
   68.  Increment Duplicator
   69.  Link Extractor
   70.  Character Counter
   71.  Case Converter
   72.  3 Failed Logins and Your Out!
   73.  HTML Entities Converter
   74.  Maintenance Mode
   75.  Meta Tag and Title Grabber

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