Can you spot the Child at Risk?

What is SCAR

SCAR is being designed as a quick daily or weekly assessment tool to monitor
and flag up the children who are experiencing emotional difficulties and to offer
them extra help and support so they know that there not alone and know there is
help available be it anonymous or personal.

Bullying comes in many forms and while physical signs can be easier to spot it's
the mental ones that are harder too see and this program aims to help most with.
I myself was mentally bullied at school and attempted suicide but i was one of the
lucky ones not like Amanda Todd. This poor girl recently took her own life due to
bullying and used cue cards to tell her story before she tragically took her own life
rather than feeling she could talk about her problems.

With a program like this teachers who are very busy people could have a better
understanding of how there pupils are feelings and which ones need extra help and

Emotion Feeling Score
Very Happy 5
Happy 4
Neautral 3
Sad 2
Very sad 1
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