Tidy Chop In Your Kitchen?

Posted By: Ian on Dec 17, 2012 in Projects
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Tidy Chop®

Makes Preparing Food Tidier and Quicker!

Fed up of having to stop in the middle of food preparation to clear your board
of waste? Well now there is Tidy Chop® created by Ian.J.Gough one Christmas
after thinking there must be a Tidier and Quicker way.

Aimed at the Catering Trade Tidy Chop® is made out of 304 catering grade
stainless steel and sits on your workbench supported by 6 non-slip feet.
Tidy Chop® takes a standard size chopping board (450mm x 300 mm)
and 1/3 (325mm x 176mm) Gastronome Tray up to 150mm deep.

Whatever your preparing this is sure to become a valuable part of
your kitchen equipment and with 2 versions available Tidy Chop®
can really speed up your preparation time.

Standard Tidy Chop® consists of 1 Gastronome tray where as the Premium
consists of 3, 1 either side of the board and 1 in the middle.

Tidy Chop

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