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Posted By: Ian on Dec 17, 2012 in Projects
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SCAR or Spot the Child At Risk is a algorithm i came up with to try and help teachers spot school children who are suffering through bullying or abuse and are finding it hard to talk or ask for help and whom the teachers may not even be aware of have a problem.

After learning about Amanda Todd it pushed me to try and come up with something that could help other children who need help and can’t ask or feel they can’t ask. I myself was mentally bullied at school and the teacher had no idea, this went on for around 3 years before i felt i could not take the pain any longer and attempted suicide. I was Lucky, but is it not time something more was done for the ones who are experiencing pain and suffering in silence right now and like me and Amanda feel they can’t talk.

Please show your support if you like this idea and think it could work as “Ministers believe that head teachers and teachers are best placed to drive improvements in their schools and to enforce discipline” David Chapman of Public Communications Unit from has told me.

I recently had a meeting with a local school who believe they have enough procedures in place to not need something like this even though a drop box service they were running has currently been stopped. (Drop box being anonymous box pupils can tell of issues they maybe having or others).

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