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Posted By: Ian on Jun 04, 2011 in PHP, Tools
Last modified on December 17th, 2013 at 2:52 pm,

Banner Bar 125 Version 3.2

This 125 Banner bar uses PHP and MySQL. Display your banner ads at the bottom of your page and features include:-

  • View Banners
  • Add Banners
  • Remove Banners
  • Modify Banners
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Impressions
  • Click Through Rate
  • Date Added
  • Upload Banners
  • Pause Banners
  • Database backup
  • Banner Timer
  • Cron Job
  • Date of last click (Added 19/01/2013)
  • Choice of colours and Positions Removed in v 2.2.0
  • PayPal IPN
  • PayPal form to take banner ads then have automatically inserted into Database
  • Client statistics
  • Version Update notifier (Added 21/11/2013)

Choose how many Banners to display at once, Banner Bar uses 1 MySQL Database and can be used on PHP or HTML pages. Comes with Automatic installer (Not since version 2.8), All the Banners are randomly displayed except the client ones which are static in that they always display.

Finished first version 04/06/2011

Updated 09/06/2011 – Added settings page to make changing variables created during setup easier and modified login script so can be locked automatically after x attempts which you set on the settings page.

Updated 06/07/2011 – Added Upload function to enable uploading banners directly to Banner Bar.

Updated 18/07/2011 – Removed settings.html, added better error handlers and tidied up the look and feel overall.

Updated 19/07/2011 – Added version info and notifier. (Put back in version 3).

Updated 20/07/2011 – Fixed bug in remembering auto lock selection.

Updated 01/08/2011 – Added banner pause. Click on banner to toggle pause.

Updated 22/11/2011 – Fixed install file to run with register_globals off.

Updated 28/11/2011 – Released New Installer and fixed some bugs.

28/11/2011 – Added new column to settings table to hold unique key used to unlock login page and modified lock system so now user gets email and unique id sent in order to unlock login page.

12/12/2011 – Released version 2.

15/12/2011 – Updated timer function so now you you can choose from 12 hours to 1 year.

18/01/2013 – Updated Front End design to a new look and made it responsive so the width adjusts based on the number of banners displayed.

23/01/2013 – Added lastClick column to banner bar table to display date of last click

23/01/2013 – Added option to except Client banners from paying guests using PayPal IPN along with integrated form which takes the details, gets payment, inserts into the database then emails you and you can approve or deny the banner, If approved client gets usinque link where they can view there stats else one saying banners been declined and refund will be processed shorty. (

21/11/2013 – Now uses PHP PDO Data Objects for database access making it quicker and more secure as well as easier to code. Re-wrote nearly from the ground giving a tidier directory structure and making it quicker. More use of ajax for updating database on the fly and Write Less Do More approach so now uses more functions to avoid duplication of code and Alerts you when a new Version becomes available.

13/12/2013 – Fixed issue with keylock emails

17/12/2013 – Replaced modal window so now is scrollable for smaller screens and fixed delete so deletes banners from folder when deleting entry from database

Banner Bar

Banner Bar

Banner Bar Admin Screenshot

Banner Bar Admin Screenshot

Try Me

Download Version 3.2 zip

Download Version 2.5 zip

Download Version 2.2 zip

Instructions of use

Got an idea for the next version?

email me or comment below.

  • More detailed stats
  • Other Banner sizes?
If you need help with any aspect of Banner Bar please create a ticket ticket

  • For a $10 fee i can offer installation payable via paypal
  • For as little as $20 i can offer custom modifications payable via paypal

Contact me for details

Fancy buying me a coke?

If you find Banner Bar useful please consider donating to it. It has taken a lot of Diet Coke to get this far and will take more to update it and tidy it in the future,


Did this help you? Please Let me know by commenting below even if it’s just to say “Thanks”

Discussion - 32 Comments

  • admin admin Jun 04, 2011 

    Anyone needing support or experiencing difficulties please visit

  • vishal vishal Jun 17, 2011 

    Good script!

  • omilias omilias Oct 02, 2011 

    Didnot take me stage to the final page, error database already exist.

    • Ian Ian Oct 04, 2011 

      If it says the db already exists please try either deleting the db and trying again or trying a new name for the db.
      If your still having issues after trying the above please let me know and were have to do a manual install.
      Thanks for trying Banner Bar 125,

  • okabolo mahatomo okabolo mahatomo Nov 24, 2011 

    i am getting same message [[[[ error database already exist ]]]].

    despite its newly created . there is an error somewhere .

    • Ian Ian Nov 24, 2011 

      Hey there,
      If for any reason you pressed the back button or refresh it would of tried to create the db again hence the error. Please try another name for the db.
      I”m currently working on a new installer.
      Please let me know if this fixes things or not.
      Thanks for trying Banner Bar,

  • Henri Henri Nov 25, 2011 


    I really like the script, nice and simple! When there will be an option to schedule ads, it wil be awesome, looking forward to this



    • Ian Ian Dec 14, 2011 

      In version 2 just released there is a timer for ads so you can run them for x amount of time is that what you mean?

      • Steven Steven Mar 29, 2012 

        I think Henri meant that it would be great to schedule banners ie. Start 01-04-2012 and end 01-05-2012.

        It would be great to have the option to schedule as above, a countdown timer (as it already has) as well as an option for the number of impressions.


        • Ian Ian Mar 30, 2012 

          Great idea i get it now will start work on it as soon as time allows.
          Thanks for using Banner Bar,

  • Pete Pete Dec 17, 2011 

    Awesome script – does exactly what I need it to. It’s easy to configure and even customise – and thanks for your help with it too!

  • ikseb ikseb Jan 10, 2012 

    really a great script easy to setup

    and the most important is the fast support

    i got step by step help from the coder

    a must try

  • wooden wooden Feb 02, 2012 

    is it possible to turn this script into a simple banner exchange sys ? I thing this way this script will be so popular .


    • Ian Ian Feb 02, 2012 

      Good question hmmmm with a fair amount of work it could be done i’ll look into it when i have some free time next.
      Thanks for trying Banner Bar,

  • Jefferson Jefferson Mar 13, 2012 

    The support was great for Banner Bar, and I would not hesitate
    to refer anyone to any of Ian’s scripts!

    It’s running great on a secure site.
    I liked the support and general feeling so much I was compelled to “donate” too!
    Thank you Ian for such useful and feature filled scripts.

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  • René Holm René Holm Apr 22, 2012 

    How can i use this script in wordpress?
    Where do i put a script and what is the link/script?

    nice banner system 🙂

    • Ian Ian May 18, 2012 

      Whilst this script was never really designed for wordpress it of course can be done. Simply add the bannerbar.css stylesheet to the wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME/header.php placing it with the other(s) already there.
      Then include the admin/splash.php file in bottom of wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME/footer.php (Relative to the root folder public_html/)

  • ikseb ikseb May 03, 2012 


    i can’t wait to try th new version of the banner bar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ian ian May 13, 2012 

    ian can me make vertical barner?
    please help me


  • ruff ruff May 18, 2012 

    what is admin username and password..i got query database connect and i install it manually..and then when i opened the admin page..i dont know admin username and pass

  • Peter Peter Aug 29, 2013 

    Thank you Ian for your message and support by email.

  • Vinay Vinay Jun 22, 2015 

    How can I change GBP with USD and Month with days for client ?

    • Ian Ian Jun 28, 2016 

      bb3/advertise.php is what your looking for.
      Change the values and “Month” to “Day”

      <select name="os0">
      <option value="1 Month">1 Month £<?php echo $month1; ?> GBP</option>
      <option value="3 Months">3 Months £<?php echo $month3; ?> GBP</option>
      <option value="6 Months">6 Months £<?php echo $month6; ?> GBP</option>


      <select name="os0">
      <option value="1 Day">1 Day $<?php echo $month1; ?> GBP</option>
      <option value="3 Days">3 Days $<?php echo $month3; ?> GBP</option>
      <option value="6 Days">6 Days $<?php echo $month6; ?> GBP</option>

      All the best,

  • Vinay Vinay Jun 23, 2015 

    Banner bar is nice script but I want to make a request hope you’ll consider it .

    Please add bit coin payment option if users want to buy ad space.

  • PJAY PJAY Jul 15, 2015 

    Hi Ian ,
    i am thinking of using this software does it support multiple sizes ?

    • Ian Ian Dec 05, 2015 

      Hey and thank you for your question.
      I’m afraid it only supports 125px at the moment but it’s possible to modify the CSS to enable other sizes.
      All the best,

  • Fabiano Fabiano Feb 16, 2016 

    whats password admin?


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