3 Failed Logins and Your Out!

Posted By: Ian on Feb 21, 2011 in PHP, Snippets
Last modified on December 20th, 2011 at 8:43 am,

Auto lock your login pages with this little script get the login details wrong 3 times and the page is locked out until reset by the administrator! Avoid password crackers and brute forcer’s as the only way to reset this is to delete the log file (a.txt). It is possible to modify this script to have the log file automatically deleted on successful login if needed and although there is no actual login script provided i have set the username and password for demonstration. Should you need help implementing this into a login script please don’t hesitate to ask. Also you could modify it to set the invalid login attempts to more or less than 3 which I’ll probably do it the future when time allows.

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