Tag & Title Grabber

Tag & Title Grabber

Grab the title and meta tags from a remote url with one click. No more wasting time sifting through the source code (html) to find what your looking for now you can easily view the Title, Keywords and Description your competitors are using or just check yours.

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Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode

Easily put your website into maintenance mode without having to edit the .htaccess file or add/remove/rename a maintenance page each time. Search engine friendly and includes admin panel with several time saving options and test mode to see how your visitors ...

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4x Random Pics

4x Random Pics

4 images picked at random each one unique from the others and all from the same folder. Each image can appear only once in any one of the boxes so there never be two of the same images at the same time. Just define the path to your image folder...

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Case Converter

Pure and simple JavaScript case converter ideal for changing the case of your HTML tags.

Character Counter

Just set your character length and off you go no more time wasting time writing extra text just to have it trimmed.

Entities Converter

HTML entities converter for when you want to include source code in your page without your browser thinking it's markup.

Link Extractor

Paste and click to have all your links extracted and displayed in a table for easy viewing or just copy them to your clipboard.

Increment Duplicator

You have to copy it how many times increasing the number by 1 each time? Well this should save you a lot of time and effort!

3 Failed Login Attempts

Get the login details wrong 3 times and the page is locked out until reset by the administrator! Avoid password crackers and brute forcer's.

About This Site

Dreams are built from lines of code well it's true!
If you can dream it you can usually code it.

I have learned so much from other people on the Internet and this site is for me to give back some of what i have learned and hope people can now learn from me.
Have fun and surf safely,

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