The CSS Box Model

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The Box Model

Margin Box
Border Box
Padding Box
Element Box

All elements are essentially boxes and these boxes enable us to be precise when placing our elements relative to others on our page.

When setting height and width in CSS you MUST take into account the padding, border and margin to get the TOTAL dimensions for the element. This is especially important when you want exact placement of your elements.

See it in action using this little snippet which will get the height, width, padding, border and margin of any element you click on.
$(document).ready(function () {
$("*", document.body).click(function (event) {
var domElement = $(this).get(0);
var t = $(this).width();
var y = $(this).innerWidth();
var p = $(this).outerWidth();
var e = $(this).outerWidth(true);
var g = $(this).height();
var o = $(this).innerHeight();
var l = $(this).outerHeight();
var d = $(this).outerHeight(true);
var dimensions = "";
dimensions += "Total width: " + t + " + " + (y - t) + " + " + (p - y) + " + " + (e - p) + " = " + e + "<br />";
dimensions += "Total height: " + g + " + " + (o - g) + " + " + (l - o) + " + " + (d - l) + " = " + d;

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Too see all elements on a page in there boxes place a container div between the body tags with an id called container otherwise your see more elements counted than you can see as the head, body, script etc will be counted too.
var elementCount = $( "#container" ).find( "*" ).css( "border", "3px solid red" ).length;
alert(elementCount + " elements found");

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