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Posted By: Ian on Mar 13, 2011 in CSS, Snippets

This is the image preloader as used in 4x Random Image Viewer. Preloading images is ideal for lots of reasons like image viewers, slide shows, image roll overs and more. Some preloaders use javascript some load there images to the far left in this we just hide them.


Place this in your CSS file or in the <head> section of your page

<style type="text/css">
.hiddenPic {
display : none;


Place this just before the </body> tag

<!-- Start pre-loader -->
<img src="img/1.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/2.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/3.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/4.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/5.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/6.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<img src="img/7.jpg" class="hiddenPic" />
<!-- End pre-loader -->	

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