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During the building of Banner Bar version 2 i needed sort and direction to be carried forward to each page and this is what i came up with.
So for anyone looking hope it helps. I have included a full working demo and download link below anyone wanting the mysql table just contact me.
Using the array stops anyone trying to include any other words in the get order by and if they try the script tells them it’s not allowed.
Be sure to set a default sort order which i have chosen ID then from there the sessions take over.

//------ Begin sort and order ------//
if (isset($_GET["order"])) {
$order = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET["order"]);
$allowed_columns = array(
if (in_array($order, $allowed_columns)) {
$_SESSION['order'] = $order;
} else {
$_SESSION['order'] = "id";
die("<p>That is not allowed!</p>");
if (isset($_SESSION['order'])) {
$order = $_SESSION['order'];
} elseif (!isset($_SESSION['order'])) {
$order = "id";
if ($_GET['dir'] == 'DESC') {
$dir = 'DESC';
$_SESSION['dir'] = "DESC";
$dir_link = 'ASC';
} else {
$dir = 'ASC';
$_SESSION['dir'] = "ASC";
$dir_link = 'DESC';
$page_link = $_SESSION['dir'];
//------ End sort and order ------//

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM demoTable ORDER BY $order $dir");

<?php echo '<a href="index.php?order=id&amp;dir='.$dir_link.'">ID</a>'; ?>
<?php echo '<a href="index.php?order=name&amp;dir='.$dir_link.'">Name</a>'; ?>
<?php echo '<a href="index.php?order=age&amp;dir='.$dir_link.'">Age</a>'; ?>

$show_page = $curren_page + 1;
$url = "index.php?page=" . $i."&amp;order=".$order."&amp;dir=" . $page_link;
echo "<a href=\"$url\">$i</a>";

For a Working example Click hereDownload working example


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