Help, if you need it and can’t ask for it, write it!

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Sometimes asking for help during the darkest times is very hard
so if you feel you can’t speak to someone try writing to them.

When i was feeling very depressed and suicidal i didn’t feel i
could talk to my doctor so i wrote him a letter and booked an
appointment and handed him a letter.

If you can't Speak it, Write it!

Tell your doctor how your feeling, how long it’s been going on
for and if you know what may have triggered the thoughts.
Feeling Suicidal doesn’t make you MAD or mental!
It just means you need a little bit of help and in life
we all need help at sometime or other.

Keeping a diary can help, i used to mark my day out of 10
(10 being the best) and and put a little comment about
anything that may have triggered my score.

Remember Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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